An introduction…

The reikitirth is founded by Pujya Gurudev Shri Basant Soni Ji and Maa Usha Soni Ji. At reikitirth we practice many spiritual practices and perform rites and rituals from time to time. This video is a brief introduction to those practices.

Our Mission and Vision

  • To establish a family where people from all walks of life can share compassion
  • Making people understand the root cause of their suffering and how to heal themselves
  • Making people realize that they are born divine and that every cell of their body has got divinity
  • Helping people develop trust in themselves and Omnipresent divine powers regardless of the name one chooses to call it.

Our Philosophy

The reikitirth’s logo, a flower budding in the middle of the ocean of love signifies rising consciousness.

  • The forgiveness, gratitude, unconditional love and acceptance must be an integral part of our art of living.
  • We believe that a touch of love creates miracles and ignites the divine compassion. We believe that the planet Earth and its inhabitants are interwoven by a thread of love. In the unconditional love of a child, we can feel the presence of God. Where attachment ends, love begins.
  • The miracle lies in the present moment. Time and space are illusions created by an unenlightened mind.
  • We have the power to choose; suffering or divine bliss. What we choose we experience.
  • Most of us wrong perception about ourselves. We are completely ignorant of our own truth. We have a wrongly structured belief system.
  • We are completely responsible for everything in our life, the best and the worst.