Aagya chakra

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Location: Bhu madhya (At the center of eye brows)
Color: White
Characterised by: Vision
Tatva: Manas and Guru tatva
Beej Mantra: AUM
Keywords: Cosmic intelligence, paranormal activities, extra sensory perception
Vayu: Apana, Vyana, Samana, Prana, Udana
Yantra: Round
Shape: Lotus with two petals
Ruling Diety: Hakini and Sada Shiva
Planet associated: Jupiter
Weekday associated: Thursday
Granthi associated: Rudra Granthi

The name ajna comes from the root ‘to know, to obey and to follow’. Literally the word ajna means ‘command’. This chakra controls all lower chakras. Before going into deep meditation this chakra should be activated.

Healers Perspective

Mental / Emotional / Psychological aspects:

This chakra represents the union of mind, body and spirit. Its importance is more on spiritual level than on physical level. It is associated with imagination, visualization, perception of light, transcendence. This chakra is free from karmic factors and its activation helps us deal with factors which are both personal and of group origin. The power to affect and alter other’s karma is enhanced by this chakra. This chakra is the only chakra that merges directly with cosmic energy.

Direct knowing is the first function of this chakra. Rational thinking requires deduction or anticipation before conclusion while knowing / perception through aagya chakra is marked by immediacy and directness. A spiritual practice awakens the higher mind which functions through a direct perception of reality. Intuition, extrasensory perception and abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience are associated with it. It dissolves all our conditioning, ego, habits, false ideas, and mis-identifications. Our ability to separate reality from delusions is in connection with the healthfulness of this chakra.

No specific emotion is associated with this chakra but its importance lies in that, that it is the master controller entity of whole human system. If it is not in harmony whole human body at all levels is likely to suffer. It has an important influence on memory. One will remember events by re-experiencing the energetic fields associated with them including those that emerge as emotions, sensations and feelings. Inflated egos, arrogance, aggressiveness, condemnation, contempt, and worry cause this Chakra to be blocked thereby inviting suffering. Lack of discipline, judgement, evaluation, emotional intelligence etc have been observed when it is malfunctioning.

It is the place where power of silence is experienced. When activated, our thought waves elongate so that the space between the two thoughts grows wider. This space is Silence and as the petals of the Chakra open up, silence blossoms pushing our thoughts to the periphery of our awareness. This is where the state of thoughtless awareness or Nirvikalpa Samadhi happens through the grace of God. In this state we actually feel the beautiful Silence, the Stillness, which is at the heart of creation.

The endocrine glands pineal and pituitary are associated with it, whose working depends upon various factors like, physical conditions, environment, behavior, intention, belief. It acts in two phases, first as a receiver of information from universal energy and in second secretes various hormones that will work on sexual level. It is affected by waning and waxing cycles of the moon as the Ida and Pingla are with these cycles.

Physical aspects:

It is associated with eyes, ears, pituitary, pineal glands, nose, throat, neurological system, forehead, temple region, hind-brain, sleep patterns, sexual maturation and repair of body tissue through various glands. It has an important influence on memory. The pineal gland is a light sensitive gland, that produces the hormone melatonin, which regulates the instincts of going to sleep and awakening (biological clock). It also produces trace amounts of the psychedelic chemical dimethyltryptamine.

Physical symptoms of blockage include migraines, brain tumors, spinal dysfunctions, panic, depression strokes, blindness, deafness, seizures, pain at the base of the skull, learning disabilities, lack of Concentration, forgetfulness, blindness or weak eyesight, headaches etc.

Symptoms of Imbalanced aagya chakra:

Abstract thinking, incessant chattering mind, living in your head, hallucinations, negative thinking, loss of spiritual connections, memory problem, lack of knowledge etc.

Spiritual Perspective

The aagya chakra is the entry into the realm of mind. Meditation on aagya chakra heals both conscious as well as subconscious mind. Various ‘Rishis’ has emphasized that in order to heal manomaya kosha we must meditate on aagya chakra. Just like nucleus is the central most part of an atom, similarly, aagya chakra is the center of human consciousness. Aagya chakra is considered equivalent to lord Surya. The Guru tatva is associated with aagya chakra.