Reiki Symbols and Meanings

The reiki has its origin at Japan and therefore encompasses Japanese ethos and culture. When the reiki was brought to west by Ms. Takata she imbued sacredness in these symbols because Dr. Hayashi has taught her in that way. These symbols are not secret or occult but are expression of powerful divinity. It is important to know that Dr. Usui did not begin attuning others to reiki with symbols. Few things were added to reiki as a result of his experience gained in meditation and practical life. For example reiki’s five principals were added because of what happened in beggar’s colony.

These symbols were experienced by him in his meditative states and he knew that the vibrations of these symbols matche with some important / healing vibrations. These symbols were written in calligraphy or kanji at his times and are now lost in Japanese language. Dr. Mikao Usui was a sagacious scholar having profound understanding of attunements, healing, spirituality and subtle powers. Hw gave these things to ordinary people in the form of reiki so that others do not have to spent his whole life decoding and understanding spiritual scriptures. He created a group / society of people who were interested in healing their lives with reiki. Whenever a society or group is formed these things like some secrets shared among that group only arises. Whoever wants to learn reiki was welcome. Just give something in exchange and the method and secrets were revealed to him.

In many spiritual systems it has been very common that the master gives a secret mantra (beej mantra) to his disciple. The disciple may think that the mantra revealed to him is very common and he has encountered it many times like in books, then what was the reason of giving this mantra so secretly in a sacred ceremony. But we all know the miracles of master’s grace and blessings. The mantra and symbols given by masters carry divine energy in them and expedite our progress. Without attuning reiki symbols in you by a reiki master, you can not carry their energy in your aura.

Understand that there is nothing secret in reiki. It is a method of teaching healing energies in an easy to learn and practice form. The symbols ‘hon sha ze sho nen’ and ‘dai ko myo’ were written in kanji language. The reiki symbols are the vibrations one will experience when one is in state of reiki Samadhi. We need to get these symbol attuned from a reiki master. As time passed the original form of these symbols started getting lost. For example when madam Takata made reiki masters, there would have been different types of ‘hon sha ze sho nen’ and ‘dai ko myo’. It was to preserve their original form that they were drawn on paper so that nobody can further introduce any modifications in how they are drawn.

reikitirth choku rei reiki symbol The ‘Choku rei’ is the power symbol. It increases the strength of healing energy many times. It acts as a catalyst in healing works. It focuses reiki where we send it. It represents element Earth and is related with root chakra. It is used to solve all problems of materialistic life. Use it for energizing plants, trees, food, crystal and medicines. Draw it on important documents, papers and visiting card etc.


reikitirth sei he ki reiki symbol The ‘Sei he ki’ symbol is used to overcome the obstacles in path of reiki energy. Sei he ki means restoring balance where imbalance exist. It brings back the balance where imbalances exist whether it be in body or life situations. It removes bad habits about us we may not be aware. It brings physical body, energy body and mental body into alignment. It represents element Water and is associated with swadhisthana chakra. It heals emotional body and is used for healing chronic dis-eases. It is used to heal anger, depression, fear, mental imbalances, blood and urine related problems and loneliness etc. It brings human and divinity together on one plane. It is used for cleansing, protection, reprogramming subconscious mind, black magic removal and in ‘Kundalini jagran’. It is used for healing addiction. Draw on the four sides of your house to remove negative feelings and emotional energy. Draw when you are appearing in an interview and examination.


reikitirth hon sha ze sho nen reiki symbol Use ‘Hon sha ze sho nen’ to establish connection between you and whoever you want to send reiki, for example people, object, situation or intention. This symbol therefore acts as a bridge. This symbol makes the reiki flow in heart and aagya chakra thereby overcome time and distance and therefore indicates eternity. Hon sha ze sho nen means that the true seeker is moving in right direction. It is associated with ‘agni’ and ‘surya’ chakra. It heals mental body. It has long been used in healing past life karmas. It helps redesign future. It connects us with our ‘isht dev’ during meditation.


dai ko myu reiki symbol The ‘Dai ko myo’ symbol is attuned in master degree of reiki. This symbol is embossed on a jar made near the foot of Lord Buddha in a temple at Nara, Japan. A jar symbolizes completeness and so does this symbol. We are complete at every level of existance. It is the mind which makes us feel that we lack something and are incomplete and therefore we look for things outside not inside. This symbol symbolizes journey of reiki. It represents path of bodhisattva and heals at soul level. It encompasses highly powerful divine energies in its aura which are used during ‘shaktipat’ (attunements). This symbol can be considered as a representative of holy spirits (siddhas) which when invoked become healing Buddha. It energies other reiki symbols. Draw it over the heart for self healing. It increases healing power many times. It energies hara chakra and thymus gland.

What is the necessity of symbols in penance

Every spiritual practice use symbols in one or other form in order to reach ultimate goal. Mind has a natural tendency to roam randomly. Meditation is the process of refocusing the thoughts again and again on the object of meditation. For success in meditation the IQ level and emotional level of the seeker must be that much that he can handle the tender emotions. Because emotionally underdeveloped mind reacts mainly to sensory stimulation like eyes, the beginner can not perceive subtle things. It is for this reason the seeker is advised to choose a visible symbol, an idol and any piece of music according to his emotional appeal. This helps him in brings him closer to the divinity.

Just like before making the real structure, a basic framework is laid to stabilize and protect the structure from collapsing, similarly, supports like symbols, idols, music and some beliefs are necessary in the initial stages of meditation till the practice has been perfected. In meditation mere concentration on an object is not sufficient. A complete engrossment in that object is also required. The symbols are easiest way for this purpose.

Even those religions who do not believe in idolatry use symbols for instance, while paying obeisance to Allah (God), Mohammedans face the Kaba, which is the symbol representing the power of God.