Mooladhara chakra

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Location: Two fingers below testis & two fingers above anus / Near the opening of uterus
Color: Red
Characterised by: Smell
Tatva: Bhu (Earth)
Beej Mantra: LAM
Keywords: Survival, rootedness, growth, instinct, family nature, biology, kinesthetic feelings
Vayu: Apana
Yantra: Square
Shape: Lotus with four petals
Ruling Diety: Indra
Planet associated: Mars, Earth, Saturn
Weekday associated: Tuesday
Granthi associated: Brahma Granthi

The name mooladhara is amalgamation of two words mool, meaning root/main, adhara, meaning support/base. This chakra is so vital that due to its malfunctioning, most of the other major and minor chakras will stop functioning leading to a total collapse of the physical body. It binds the gross body with its mother’s love and affection. The new born baby traces the body heat of the mother and feels solace under it. The more he gets love and affection from mother, more the child will be attached to earth and his development will become easier. Similarly, the more the person is grounded better he is able to balance both physical as well as spiritual world. If un-grounded, he will be lost in a mixture of various thoughts and processes which will not help him much in his endeavor for the spiritual growth. It is the root chakra which itself embodies the power of balancing and earthing the energy of the existence.

All the chakras make their appearance at foetal life but it is the Mooladhara chakra that starts developing in the prenatal stage. In the third trimester, of pregnancy, it develops.

Healers Perspective

Mental / Emotional / Psychological aspects:

On a psychical level, it controls the will of survival, the state of inner safety, the desire for material goods, and the choice of profession. It deals with the issues of survival instinct. It helps you fulfill basic needs i.e. food, clothes and shelter. The more open the chakra and more prana radiating, the more you are prosperous. The quality of life you live is directly proportional to this chakra. When it is functioning properly, we feel secure and comfortable in the physical world. Pleasure will emerge spontaneously and we do not feel compelled to justify our existence. We will recognize that we are responsible for our own being and would not feel the need to lean on others for support.

When the prana through this chakra is blocked or it have less prana, one will feel concurrent fear of death, which will emerge as an internal struggle for personal survival. Its malfunctioning will cause person to avoid social gatherings, taking responsibility for something, fear of being wrong, social anxiety and agoraphobia. When it is out of balance, we may suffer from low self-esteem, feel out of touch with our body and our sexuality, or be prone to depression and addictive behavior. When your Root Chakra is balanced, we feel confident and healthy, and happy with our body and our sexuality.

It reflects a person’s connection with their mother, and with mother Earth. How the person feels about being on the earth and connect with his physical body. How he realize that he is part of a large ecosystem and nature. As mother take loving care of his child, similarly, root chakra provide nourishment to flash body and gives prana to physical body. When you become your own “good mother,” you are able to manage the curve balls life throws you and take responsibility for your circumstances. “Mothering and nourishing yourself means understanding what you need and letting yourself have it, to the best of your ability.”

A deep sense and strong sense of stability and security can enable us to explore our facets, take risks and uncover our potential. The mooladhara chakra is conduit for our experience of security. The security here refers to secure relationships, work place, job, career, financial aspects, health etc. Also notice that we can be very secure in one area of life for example in career and job while very insecure in other area such as relationship with spouse etc. Imbalances in this chakra may result in two extremes of insecurity and rigidity, an UNWILLINGNESS TO CHANGE.

Mentally, this chakra is responsible for maintaining balance, a balance between right brain hemisphere and left brain hemisphere, a balance between male and female aspects of inner body, a balance between physical and spiritual world etc. One of its main aspects is innocence which gives us dignity, balance, and a tremendous sense of direction and purpose in life. Simplicity, joy, purity, integrity and balance are some qualities manifested through this Chakra.

Emotions associated with this chakra include frustration, rage, and passion. Constipation is not only physical, but emotional too. Repressed anger is also related to mooladhara chakra. Opening it can have effects of releasing long-held emotions. A symptom of suppression of this chakra is the inability of a person to express one’s emotions appropriately.

Physical aspects:

This chakra is related to the functioning of the legs, feet, bones and large intestines. Adrenal gland is associated with it which responsible for the fight and flight response when survival is under threat. It is related to obesity, haemorrhoids, addictions , constipation, sciatica, lower back pain, varicose veins, rectal tumors, depression, immune related disorders, insomnia, spinal column, kidneys, lymph system, skeleton, teeth, nose, arterial blood, adipose tissue, osteoporosis, boils and pimples, nerve disorders etc.

Symptoms of Imbalanced Mooladhara chakra:

If they are too yin they may be un-grounded. If they are too yang there might be too much attachment to material things, too much self-indulgence and a preoccupation with satisfaction of their own needs. Some signs that the Base Chakra is out of balance are:-

* Restlessness
* Lack of energy and enthusiasm
* Loss of interest in the real world or practical survival
* Volatile emotions
* Obsession with one thing
* Selfishness
* Experiences the world at the mercy of outside forces that work against it
* Seldom has awareness or sense of responsibility for its circumstances
* Is always in a helpless state, suicidal feelings, disoriented
* Totally reliant on partner, companion, family, organization, etc.
* Is disconnected from their inner core of feelings
* Mind is stuck in a frozen state of fear, terror or desperation
* Experiences no sense of empowerment, poverty, listlessness, clumsiness.

Additional info: The affirmations given below are highly beneficial in boosting mooladhara chakra. They create positive neural network in brain which makes you highly productive in life, if used sincerely and consistently:-

  • I am confidently moving in the direction of my dreams.
  • I have an abundance of everything to live my life to the fullest and to fulfill my dreams and desires.
  • I am an action driven and result oriented person.
  • I set goals and I reach them. I know what I want out of my life.
  • I am an excellent decision maker.
  • I am an excellent learner. I assimilate new ideas very quickly and easily.
Spiritual Perspective

The God Brahma and Goddess Dakini are the deities of this chakra. This center of force symbolizes the objective consciousness, the awareness in the physical, terrestrial universe. It contains the first of the psychic knot which firmly bind spirit and matter, the Brahma Granthi. It is strongly linked to the Crown Chakra and between them, they govern the body’s hormone system. Without a balanced Root Chakra, the crown chakra may get affected.

The elephant Airavata represents the physicality of matter. The collar that he wears represents our false bondage to materialistic things. His whiteness symbolizes divinity within matter. His seven trunks represent seven qualities of human nature. . The yellow square Privithi represents earth. The downward-pointing triangle shows that divine power comes from a higher level to a lower level. The eight arrows represent the many directions life may take. The lingam wrapped with 3 1/2 coils of the serpent represents the Kundalini shakti. A crescent moon symbolises the divine source of life.