Aura and Chakras

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Every object in the universe, whether natural or artificial, whether animate or inanimate, whether small or big emits radiations. The radiations are energy forms and invisible. The Indians know this fact and therefore incorporated this theory in their traditions. Women in India draw rangoli in front of door entrance which help eliminate negative radiations from outside. Our body produces static electricity and by touching grounded objects we discharge it naturally. This electricity is actually a part of our bio-energy. Our aura is an energy representation of our past and present karmas. Our aura is replica of ou character, thinking and personality.

Human body is electric, magnetic and electromagnetic

Mr. Robert Charman in his paper on electrical properties of cells and tissues detailed the cell as an electric system. The main difference between electricity in biological systems and electricity in electronic devices is that cells and tissues are charged atoms or ions, while electronic devices are based on electrons. Mr. Von Braun at the institute of Neotic Sciences said that: ” We know that the human eye functions a bit like television camera as it sends electrical pulses to the brain. Our ear is a sort of microphone which converts the incoming sound into equivalent electrical signal which is routed to the brain.” The body produces many electrical signals, which can be measured with the help of ECG, EEG and EMG etc. Our brain contains neurons which uses electrical pulses. Cell voltage is influenced by external electromagnetic fields and have effect based on its polarity and strength. The picture on the left is a real life aura photograph.

The aura around us is partly composed from EM (electromagnetic) radiation, spanning from microwave, infrared (IR) to UV light. The low frequency microwave and infrared part of the spectrum (body heat) seems to be related to the low levels of the functioning of our body (DNA structure, metabolism, circulation etc.) whereas high frequency (UV part) is more related to our conscious activity such as thinking, creativity, intentions, sense of humor and emotions. Human aura can be better understood through points below:-

  • Left Side (Female-Yin) : The color on the left side is generally the vibration coming into our being. It is what we feel inside, but might not have expressed.
  • Right Side (Male-Yang) : The color on the right side is generally the energy being expressed, the qualities most likely seen or felt by others around us.
  • Above Head (Beliefs – Thoughts) : The color over the head is what we are experiencing now. It shows our current state of mind and what we think and believe.
  • Center (Overall Base Aura Color) : Our most dominant aura color is seen in the center of our body. This color helps determine our personality trait and does not changes as fast as the colors in the outer aura.

Everything; people, place and events have an aura. The aura of spiritual masters is very radiant, strong and large. The really act as a magnet, attracting others. When we are in company of them our own aura get transformed, this is the reason why just a tender touch or a meeting (darshan) with them has a profound effect on our life.

Our energy relationship with Earth

Just like the Earth is a magnet, we too are a magnet. Modern studies has proved that the magnetic field of Earth has a profound effect on our well being. The regions where strength of Earth’s magnetic field is less, people are more prone to dis-ease. The British scientist has shown that changes in Earth’s magnetic field has an effect on our heart and brain. The people with feeble mind are affected more.

How does aura affects our personality and relationships ?

Different thoughts and emotions produce different colors in aura and affect different auric layers. For example anger is manifested as red color in aura. When the anger subsides so does the red in aura. However, if the person gets angry over and over again, the red stays longer and then there comes a point where the aura is infused with dull red permanently. The transition from a man who was occasionally angry to an angry man has happened. If we do not remove this red from aura, we are very likely to suffer any physical disease. When two people fight their aura shrinks. Two people feel attracted towards each other when their aura signature matches.

Our aura and environment

Our aura is highly influenced by our surrounding environment. Human aura continuously exchange energy from its surrounding. We know that the air contains electrically charged ions; namely positive and negative ions. Scientific research has proved that negative ions are highly beneficial for human health and well being while greater amount of positive ions in surrounding invites dis-eases. Electric negative ion generator is now becoming common house hold appliance. We absorb negative ions through breathe and skin. Places like temples, forest and areas near river or sea are rich in negative ions. It is due to this reason that we feel energized when we happens to visit such places. When we are sick or dis-eased, then according to our thoughts and mental state our aura changes; the more negative we think or the more sick we are, the more accumulation and emission of positive ions happen from us.

The Chakras

There is a deep interrelationship between mind, body and spirit. Change in one chakra may affect another chakra, even when these secondary results are not immediately apparent. There are also particular polarities between certain chakras which set up dynamic relationships. For example the aagya chakra relate to root chakra, swadhisthana chakra with throat chakra. Development of one chakra affects the whole chakra energy system. The energies of upper chakras and lower chakras meet at the heart chakra.