What is Reiki Healing

The origin of the word, healing comes from the Anglo-Saxon hal meaning health and wholeness. The medical science treats healing as the process by which the cells in the body regenerate and repair to reduce the size of a damaged or necrotic area. Healing incorporates both the removal of necrotic tissue (demolition), and the replacement of this tissue. It also involves removal of unwanted biochemical / infections etc from our body or blood. In spirituality the healing refers to healing mental, psychological, physical and emotional problems by means of various spiritual practices like reiki, pranic healing, meditation, crystal therapy etc. Also lack of love and affection are some of the causes of diseases.

The spiritual healing is based on the belief that beneath physical human body their lies this energy body (bio-plasmic/etheric/etheric double/pranmaya kosh) which actually needs healing. According to the karma of the individual the disease first manifest itself in this body and given sufficient time, manifest itself in physical body. The karma creates blockages in chakras and nadis (energy meridians) which results into problems at emotional, psychological, physical or mental level as per the karma. The karmas related to desires are stored in energy body. The karmas related to do rest (inaction / feeling of fatigue) are stored in annamaya kosh or physical body. Karmas related to guilt are stored in manomaya kosh (mental layer). Karmas related to pain and visualization are stored in gyanmaya kosh.

Healing means purification of mind, body and soul. It is nourishing the entire being. It includes: (1) Mental healing (2) Emotional healing (3) Psychological healing (4) Physical healing

Why we should get healed

We must get healed in order to experience love, inner peace, happiness and the bliss. We must get healed to realize our true self. We should heal to know that we are multidimensional beings of light and love. Bliss and unconditional love is our true nature.

How does etheric garbage gets accumulated in mind-body-soul system

According to the wisdom passed on to us by ascended masters and holy scriptures there are two types of karmas. First; which lies in gyanamaya kosha in dormant state and becomes active when nourished. Second our desires or beliefs acquired from outside i.e. newly created karmas. We have to experience the result of these karmas. These karmas according as their level manifest themselves in our mind-body-soul system. In spiritual parlance it is known as ‘Law of cause and effect’.

Our wrong belief system is the main culprit for the creation of new karmas. Additionally when we are incurring the results of previous karma, wrong beliefs can worsen the things. We have wrong belief about our body (for example I am too fat), people and relationships (for example my wife is selfish), life situations and events (for example I am a failure in business), finances and prosperity (for example I am financially not sound), happiness (for example If I pass this examination I would be happy) etc. A very common belief is “I am not good enough”. Due to this belief we push ourselves to the limits unknowingly just to fit ourselves into the standards of others. While doing this we again form new negative believes and get entangled in ‘law of cause and effect’. This wrong belief system is the creation of ignorant and untrained mind.

The holy scriptures says अह्म् ब्रह्मास्मे (I am the creator). The God always respond to heartfelt prayers. We have seen many miracles many times. The Universe always responds to your heartfelt or repetitive desires, thoughts, feelings and emotions. What you think and believe you will definitely experience. You believe ‘I am not worthy of love’ Universe says ‘Let it be’ and you keep longing for love.

Further more, we have many issues in our day to day lives. We need to face, accept and dissolve them on daily basis. Unresolved issue is negative energy that will start affecting us whenever it get chance to do so. For instance often we have heated conversation with colleague in office and is angry. Without our awareness about this negative energy (anger), when we reach home we sometimes unnecessarily get angry with spouse or children. Additionally suppressing your feelings and emotion is your biggest enemy. When we hide an emotion we are denying a natural response and defense mechanism of our body. Our natural reactions to people and situations are, after all, designed to help us. Whenever you are feeling sad spent some time with your loved one and tell him that you are sad today.

How does etheric garbage affects our behavior, relationship, habits, thinking, decisions, reactions, , body, feelings and emotions

Suppose a very close friend of you did something intolerable. You are very angry with him. Now this energy of anger is stored in your throat chakra. Throat chakra relates to your level of communication and self-expression. Therefore when you are giving a presentation in your office, you may not be able to communicate your point exactly the way you wanted.

Consider another scenario where your life partner told you something that hurt you very badly. Due to this negative energy gets accumulated in your heart chakra. Due to this accumulation, you now show resistance to happiness and love. For example a friend of yours asks you to watch a movie together at theater. You will either make an excuse or else even if you go you will not feel that happiness that you may have felt if your heart chakra was healthy. This affects your behavior and relationship with others.

Take another example; suppose on a crowded day you see a horrible road accident. It leaves a deep impression in your mind when you see the injured person who is no more now. This accident gets imprinted in your subconscious mind and without your conscious awareness you now either drive slow or are reluctant about driving. This fear affects root chakra. Due to this after a certain period of time you start feeling insecure about your career and finances etc. This is how your thinking and decisions are affected.

Meditation and healing

By the power of meditation (ध्यानग्नि) we burn accumulated karmas and by knowledge and wisdom (जानग्नि) we reduce the rate of creation of new karmas.

The Meditation is the key for healing to occur at every level. When we meditate actually we are dissolving our karmas which in turn release the negative energy from chakras and nadis. The chakras keep a man attached to the material world in accordance with his karma. When we meditate the spinal chord gets magnetized. By magnetizing the spine, prana can be transmuted into radiant, all accomplishing spiritual force that, in turn, can hasten mental, emotional, physical and spiritual regeneration and well being. By magnetizing spine the pituitary, the center of will becomes positive pole while the coccygeal plexus becomes negative pole.

At physical level we remove all those material which consumes unnecessary amount of prana. For example, the purpose of burning or removing carbon from body is to quiet the heart. The purpose of quieting the heart is to control the five senses and thereby saving and directing this energy to spine (chakras). In normal state the prana is engaged in feeding bodily needs. But when blood is decarbonized and feed with surplus oxygen (prana) during meditation, the breathing process becomes unnecessary for some time period, and it is during this period that it is directed to serve whatever spiritual job is required.

Every disease occurs due to improper flow and lack of proper amount of prana (bio-etheric energy/chi/ki) in diseased organ. Every disease first manifest itself in pranamaya kosh (Bio-etheric body) and if not handled (removed) from here eventually get transferred to physical body. Energy healing methods like reiki and pranic healing are used to restore proper flow and amount of prana in that organ. During healing energy healer uses silk or woolen clothes because they help retain energy.

Earth’s magnetic field and healing

We absorb only 10% energy from food, rest 20% is gained by breathing while 70% of energy is gained from universe through chakras. It is widely established fact that we are highly affected by the radiations from surrounding. The Sun and Earth are very important source of energy for us. The British scientist based on their experiments, have proved that, the rapid changes in the magnetic field of Earth have a strong effect on the heart and brain of human. People with low mental power are more likely to be affected by such changes. The pineal gland (magnetically sensitive) secrets a chemical called melatonin which is believed to be responsible in regulating sleep. Changes in the Earth’s magnetic field have been found to alter the secretion of melatonin. In winter earth’s magnetic field diminishes leading to lost synchronization between pineal gland and circadian rhythms.

Hemoglobin level and healing

Healing requires nutrient rich blood and resumption of normal blood flow. It is said that the reason for many physical ailments is impure blood circulation which occurs due to blockages in the arteries and veins which carry blood to and from heart to all other parts of human body due to variety of reasons. Hemoglobin is able to transport more oxygen to cell tissues as well as taking more carbon dioxide waste from the cells back to the lungs for removal. As blood circulates the lungs, fully magnetized ferrous hemoglobin does this effectively. Fully magnetized ferrous hemoglobin is obtained by increasing prana and removing toxins from body. This can be done through reiki or meditation.

Over-indulgence / habit and healing

It is rightly said that: ‘Excess of everything should be avoided’. Just like a every coin has two sides, similarly everything has two sides and we must have balance between the two. For example if you like your work and do it sincerely, you feel content, but on the other hand, if you are workaholic then you invite stress and heart diseases. Similarly if you care for others you are loved, but if you pamper them, then you never get the results you expected. Recognizing that you are loosing your balance is very important in healing yourself. Use the intension; “I now release the need to drink coffee excessively”(replace coffee what you think is excessive in your life) in your healing session.

Everything in our life have something to tell us and teach us. For every habit we have there is a need for it in us. For example if you eat junk food regularly even when it is constantly making you see the doctor, then there is need in your body for this junk food. We resolute many times that we will not do the same think again but we fail and this create guilt in us. We should identify that need instead on focusing or regretting about our habit. From today onwards learn to identify and be very attentive about your feelings and emotions. Which part of body feels what in what situation will give you clue about what may be the cause. It gives you an indication about your physiological reaction to the people and life conditions. It increases your awareness about yourself.

Study on causes for dis-ease

Many researches have been carried out world wide in order to identify what causes which disease. Any one or a combination of the following habits and personality traits is what is most likely to make you suffer from any dis-ease :

  • Over ambitiousness, Impatience, Anxious to please others, Unnecessarily hard working
  • Constantly under too much pressure / stress, Highly competitiveness
  • Low self esteem (feeling of inadequacy) and timidity, Aggressiveness
  • Over sensitive and unreasonably touchy, Feeling guilty
  • Suppressing feelings, emotions and desire
  • Unable to accept people and what life offers happily
  • Unable to forgive himself and to others, Fearful about future and constant day dreaming
  • Stubborn in thinking, Always clinging to past
  • Inability to love and appreciate yourself
  • Negative thinking, fear of unknown

In a nutshell in your painful time, always maintain your awareness that you are letting go off something old, and opening to something new.