Sahasrara chakra

Explaining crown chakra,healing meditation,higher self,divine energy.

Location: Brain / Brain
Color: In-explicable
Tatva: It is beyond the realm of 5 tatvas; Param tatva
Beej Mantra: AUM
Keywords:  Higher self, Universe, self-realization
Vayu: It is beyond the realm of vayus
Yantra: Full Moon
Shape: Lotus with thousand petals
Ruling Diety: Lord Shiva
Granthi associated: It is beyond the realm of granthis


If the mooladhara chakra stands for motherly aspect of our life, the security and nourishment, the sahashara stands for father or the direction and guidance we get in life. It has been observed that our connection with our biological father becomes the modal for our relationship with authority, and ultimately, with God.

Connection with higher-self

We all have a higher-self; our own being with high vibrational rate. We have a connection with this higher-self. When this connection gets broken pain and suffering arises. The sahasrara chakra establishes this connection between our higher-self and materialistic consciousness. When we walk in rain, our clothes get drenched and we can feel the wetness. Now even when it has stopped raining we can still feel the wetness. Similarly, when we are not doing meditation and are engaged in our carnal life, we have an inner sense of this connection. We some how know that we are not merely body, but something greater than that.

The sahasrara chakra is beyond the comprehension of an ordinary mind. It is beyond our ideas and concept. Meditate with your master and under his divine grace and compassion explorer the miracles of this chakra.