1. How long does it take to learn reiki?
    Depending upon the teaching procedure of reiki teacher it takes 3 hours to 2 days usually on weekends to learn reiki. Along with reiki there are many things that are taught to students like concepts of aura and chakra etc.
  2. What is the significance of 21 days cleansing process? Is it mandatory?
    It has been a tradition to keep a minimum difference between the 1st degree and 2nd-degree reiki initiation. It is not a hard and fast rule but a general protocol followed by all masters. The new reiki channel is asked to consistently practice reiki for 21 days so that he is refined enough to fully receive 2nd degree reiki energy. Additionally, it also develops a level of maturity about healing phenomenon.
  3. Do we any reported side effects of reiki treatment?
    No, till date no side effects are reported. Common feelings like dizziness or of this kind may be experienced but they are not harmful. If you encountered any negative effect then it only reflects that you have not understood the healing phenomenon.
  4. What is the difference between healing and curing someone with Reiki ?
    One can receive healing but may not be cured of a physical ailment. Reiki basically first, balances the energy field and then proceed to cure an ailment. So, we can’t say that one is cured before he has received proper reiki sessions. For example, there may be some emotional issue which still needs to be resolved. At first, it may look that the patient is cured but it not completely true. That unresolved issue will again come to surface whenever given opportunity.
  5. Why I feel very thirsty after giving or receiving reiki session?During a reiki session thermal temperature of body rises and it is due to this reason we feel thirsty. Always drink half glass water before reiki session and ask your patient to increase his water intake in daily life.
  6. Are there any timings during which reiki is most effective like morning 04:30 AM. ? And any specific conducive place.
    These things are not part of reiki, instead they are part of meditation routine or spiritual penance. If you practice reiki as a meditation method then same time and same place will be beneficial as they will be conducive in meditation.
  7. How can reiki help me in healing ancestors (healing pitra dosha) ?
     When doing reiki, send reiki to aagya chakra with intention of the ascension of ancestors.

8.  How can reiki be used to increase mind power?

Send reiki to aagya chakra, root chakra, brain, and ears. If you consistently practice reiki your mind power is already increasing.

9.  How can reiki be used to heal vastu dosha?

Send reiki into your room where you feel these kinds of problems exist. Cover your full house with reiki and have an intention that all doshas are removed right now right at this moment. I am completely protected and this house is safer for me and my family members.

10. I do not feel anything during a reiki session. Am I wrong somewhere?

Experience during reiki session varies from person to person and there is no specific scale. Just keep practicing reiki and you will definitely get results.

11.  Are there any diseases that can not be healed through reiki?
No, there is no such disease. Infact reiki is much more than a common man can imagine.

12. Why we are suggested to do surya upasana along with reiki?Reiki is mainly used for healing dis-ease in physical body. Any disease occurs due to lack and improper flow of prana. The Sun is the source of divine prana and therefore including Surya upasana in your reiki practice will accelerate the healing process.

13. What if there is some time mismatch during distant healing? Does reiki still works?

Yes, it still works. Time and space are illusions of the mind.

14. Is there any minimum and maximum time limit of a reiki session? What if I do not have sufficient time and still want to get healed.

No there is no such limit. It varies from person to person and depends upon your requirement. The moment you consciously decide to heal, healing automatically starts occurring. You can get healed within a fraction of second if you understand the power of emotions and intention.

15. What do I have to do to receive a distant reiki treatment, I mean any preparation or something?

No preparation is required just fix a common time and follow some general guidelines like increasing water intake, saving energy etc given by your healer.

Q. Can I request a distant healing for someone else?A. Yes, you can do.

Q. What can I do to heal faster during reiki treatment?A. Follow guidelines on this page.

Q. Why sometimes I feel low or tired after reiki session ?
A. Negative energy surface out of your aura or your aura is balancing itself. You

will become relaxed, do not worry.

Q. There are many reiki masters and I am confused whom to contact to learn reiki. Please suggest how to choose reiki master teacher ?

A. Trust the divine guidance in you. In India there is a saying “You do not find a Guru, He finds you”. When the time will come cosmic intelligence will take you to who is supposed to be your master. Remember ‘when the student is ready teacher appears’.

Q. Can I be attuned and be taught from different Masters for same or different degrees ?

A. Yes, there is no problem. Commercial people have created this confusion for earning money. It is only when the teachers have some specific system that does not go well with the previous should they ask you to attend the same degree again.

Q. Can I completely rely on reiki for curing an ailment and have patience, instead of seeing any doctor ?

A. No, main stream medical science has its own value. Use your discretionary power, knowledge and experience.

Q. Why are there big differences in prices for giving healing session or teaching reiki ? For the same reiki degree different people charges different fees.

A. There is no set of rules as far as fees is concerned. Everybody charges according to his conditions and needs. But one who do not charge at all or charge very little should not be misunderstood for not being an effective healer.

Q. Why are there so many variants of reiki like karuna reiki, tibetan reiki,www.reikitirth.org 23


traditional reiki etc. ?

A. Reiki method is highly flexible and therefore people from different systems blended reiki with their own and coined a new name.

Q. What is the role of intuition and gut feelings in healing ?
A. They are powerful tools in healing. Learn to listen to your body, feelings,

intuition and emotions.

Q. Does during initial sessions body sugar level decreases ?
A. Yes, some instances of such kind have been reported. But their is nothing to

worry about.

Q. How do I know which chakra to heal for which ailment or emotional or mental issue ?

A. Follow what is taught by your reiki teacher. For general guidelines you can use this page.

Q. How can reiki help me in my spiritual growth ?
A. Reiki is also a meditation technique if the concept of meditation and mind

mechanism is well learned. Reiki opens chakras and releases karmic hooks.

Q. Does I will become more inclined towards spirituality and renounce materialistic world if I practice reiki more and more ?

A. No, reiki is all about finding balance between personal and professional life. A balance between carnal and spiritual life.

Q. Is there any age limit for getting reiki attunement ?A. No, their is no age limit.

Q. Can I give reiki during surgical operation ?
A. It is not advised to give reiki during surgical operation. Send reiki before and

after surgical operation.

Q. What is the difference between reiki and pranic healing ?
A. Pranic healing mainly focuses on the concept of prana while reiki talks about

something beyond prana.

Q. Is it necessary to use crystals or incense during reiki session ?A. No, it is not necessary.

Q. How can I know who is my spiritual guide ? And how can I talk to my higher self ?

A. Your intensions will do the job. During reiki session they will be helping you.Q. I often heard that angels and spiritual bodies are there to help you

during reiki session, is it true ?

A. Yes, divine forces are always their to help us. Infact even in our daily life theywww.reikitirth.org 24


are their with us, it is we who are ignorant about them.

Q. Can reiki may arouse kundalini shakti, if yes is it dangerous ? I have heard that kundalini is so painful.

A. Yes, some people have reported even that. It is safe when it happens by itself. Do not consciouslly attempt to arouse kundalini although. Kundalini jagran is the best experience of life.

Q. How to make charged water and oil ? Do they have the same effect as that of direct reiki healing ?

A. You can not do reiki so often daily due to busy routine. Simply give reiki to water or oil and keep that in a glass or plastic bottle. Consume or apply as needed.

Q. What is distant attunement and does it has the same effect as there would have been if I have received reiki attunement in physical presence of reiki teacher ?

A. In distant attunement reiki teacher attunes you to reiki. Personal and distant attunement has the same effect if you are well informed about manomaya kosha. Because people do not know about mechanism of mind, getting personally attuned is preferred over distant attunement.

Q. Is it possible that old mental patterns, emotional issues or physical diseases may aggravate during the treatment period as a part of purification process ?

A. Yes, it occurs many times but we must stay calm, have faith and move on.Q. My child is not ready to receive reiki healing and he has physical

ailment. What to do ?

A. Give distance reiki. Do not force him for anything.Q. Does reiki session is a form of meditation ?

A. Yes, reiki is also a meditation technique if practiced for yourself.
Q. I already have a spiritual guru whom instructions I follow, if I learn

reiki do I need to leave my existing guru to take initiation in reiki ?

A. No, never. Reiki is highly flexible that you can easily integrate it into your practice.

Q. How long can I keep the water bowl that I used for aura healing of patient ? And also where should I dispose its water ?

A. You should try to use fresh salt water bowl every time. Dispose it in toilet.
Q. What book should I consult for knowing or learning more about reiki ?

A. Their are many books available in market. May be you would like books by Dr. Paula Horan. But make sure whatever book you read, refrain from making wrong believes.

Q. Does the reiki healer takes patient’s disease on himself or is there any

possibility that this may occur accidentally ?

www.reikitirth.org 25


A. No reiki healer does not takes patients’ disease on himself instead helps him in releasing it safely. Infact practitioners are advised to create a psychic shield before beginning to treat others. It is the consent or willingness of reiki healer that such cases occur.

Q. Can Reiki prevent death ? My grand father is in serious condition ?

A. Reiki is a mysterious phenomenon. What it does can not be comprehended through ordinary mind. It is difficult to say that it may prevent death but we can surely say that reiki will do the best for you. If it is preventing death then it will prevent or if it is best to let go then it will smooth the transition.

Q. Is concentration mandatory or needed for Reiki to work effectively ?

A. Yes, the more you are concentrated the more you will heal. This comes only through consistent practice but do not believe that if you can not concentrate healing will not occur. Infact mere heartfelt intention of getting healed will do the miracle.

Q. If I keep on giving reiki to others, Will reiki ever run out ?
A. No, we draw reiki from infinite reservoir of divine energy pool from universe.

Q. What is the relationship between reiki and music ? Is reiki music is something special ?

A. Relaxing music can be used during reiki session. It helps patient calm down more easily. Reiki music is nothing just another soothing music.

Q. What other therapies I can integrate with reiki ?
A. Aromatherapy, music therapy, color therapy, crystal therapy and hypnosis are

commonly blended with reiki. You can do whatever you feel will do the job.

Q. How does reiki heals relationship problems ?
A. Every problem is just a karmic factor. Reiki releases that karmic frictions

between you and the other person and develop love.

Q. Is it true that people can take energy from your aura without your knowledge ? If yes how can reiki protect me from such psychic intervention ?

A. No, without your consent nothing can occur. It is your consent at subconscious level that they are able to harm you in that way. In reiki class you are taught how to create psychic defense. If you practice reiki it will automatically gets created.

Q. I heard that we are entering into 4th dimension. Does mother earth need healing ?

A. She will take care of himself. Just heal yourself.
Q. Can I use symbols other than given to me in reiki attunement ?

A. Yes, you can use other symbols also. They are meant to reinforce a particular intention.

www.reikitirth.org 26


Q. Can reiki be used to cure mental or psychosomatic diseases ? Can I heal depression ?

A. Yes, for ages reiki has been used for this purpose.
Q. Can reiki help in bringing harmony in relationship ? Can reiki increase

the intimacy between two persons ?

A. Reiki teaches you your true nature which is unconditional love. It widens your perception and instills forgiveness and acceptance thereby brings harmony in relationship.

Q. Can reiki be given to pregnant lady ? And can it be also given to fetus as well ?

A. Yes it can be given. When sending it to fetus do not give reiki for more than 5 minutes.

Q. I am workaholic or work under very stressful conditions, how can reiki help me in stress management ?

A. The stress is the result of untrained mind. With reiki comes mind training and better understanding of life. people and events. What may occur or what may not, does not bother you that much.

Q. I lost my important bank documents yesterday, can reiki help me in finding things I lost ?

A. Yes, go into reiki session, a meditative state with the intension that you are finding your bank documents right now. Calm down your mind and relax. Your subconscious mind will tell you where it is.

Q. Can reiki be used with past life regression ?
A. Yes, it can be used but under the guidance of an expert.

Q. What is the difference between faith healing and reiki healing ?A. Reiki is not faith healing. Faith healing is draws its power from your

subconscious mind while reiki from divine source.

Q. Why we are advised not to give reiki to sahasrara chakra ?

A. The powers in sahasrara chakra is beyond your imagination and it should be handled very carefully. Because a beginner is not well trained about this, therefore it is advised not to meditate on sahasrara chakra.

Q. How can reiki help me in designing my career ?
A. It will widen your perception, bring harmony. You will learn to listen what your

heart says. Reiki opens the aagya chakra.

Q. Is there any specific order of healing I should follow like starting from root chakra and then going upwards ?

A. No, there is no rule but going from root to sahasrara chakra is preferred.

Q. What we mean by overactive and underactive chakra ?www.reikitirth.org 27


A. Overactive means chakra has accumulated negative energy which is making it spin erratically while underactive means chakra is unable to spin at all. Leave this concept of under or over active instead just learn that there are some karmic impressions in this chakra that I need to release.

Q. How can I loose weight through reiki ?
A. Give reiki to solar plexus and throat chakra and you will start loosing your

physical weight.

Q. What role does crystals play when used in conjunction with reiki ?

A. Crystals amplify a particular type of energy thereby fulfilling a specific need. For example when we want to treat heart chakra we use rose quartz because its energy resonates with that of heart chakra.

Q. How can I be sure about my reiki lineage ? Does it really matter ?

A. It does not matter. Forget about all those concept that if you do not fall in proper lineage you are not effective reiki practitioner. However just be warned about quick money making reiki teacher as they may misguide you.

Q. How reiki can reiki help me in controlling lustful desires ?
A. Lust is one of the most powerful emotions which is regulated by swadhisthana

chakra. Give reiki to swadhisthana , agaya and heart chakra.

Q. I do not like my husband’s nature, can I change him through reiki ?

A. The whole idea of seeing others as wrong and wanting to change them is based on ego and misconception arising due to mind. You are setting wrong goal. Instead of changing him change the conditions, resolve issues and let the love flow in your relationship. Give reiki to yourself and to him with the intention of harmony in relationship. Remember what you believe is what you see. Change your belief from anger to love and love and happiness will flow.

Q. Can I develop some psychic powers like telepathy or clairvoyance through reiki ?

A. Yes, many people have done that.
Q. How can I use pyramid in conjunction with reiki ?

A. You can use crystal pyramid directly kept over chakras, crystal pyramid for wish chit and you can make a large pyramid under which you can sit and meditate. Guidelines for making pyramid are given on this page

Q. How to deal with psychic attacks and black magic using reiki ?

A. For beginners know that reiki automatically creates a psychic defense shield around you. How to deal when you encounter such attacks is subjective and will be taught to you in reiki class as this is an expert job.

Q. Can reiki be used with incurable disease or hopeless cases like paralysis or coma ?

A. Yes, there are many cases where reiki has done miracles for patients in coma or

being paralysed. Treating cancer with reiki is gaining popularity now a days.


www.reikitirth.org 28


Q. How to heal lower back pain ?
A. Lower back pain represent that you believe that you lack support which may be

financial, emotional etc. Give reiki to mooladhara and swadhisthana chakra.

Q. Does mass healing have same results as there would have been when individual healing is given ?

A. Although mass healing does not give same results as individual healing sessions but, if the reiki master is highly capable he can bring the same results. For example just notice how monks in India do mass initiation.

Q. I made reiki intension box / wish slip box, but my wishes does not get fulfilled through reiki, what to do ?

A. Either you did not form the wish properly or you did not give enough reiki. When you really feel something from your heart, Universe becomes bound to answer your question.

Q. How does reiki help in increasing reading comprehension skills for students ?

A. Reiki opens aagya chakra, nourishes brain cells and heals central nervous system. It bring synchronization between left and right brain hemisphere.

Q. I can not visualize white light ray and chakras. Please tell me how can I improve visualization skills ?

A. You can use animations on this page for practicing visualization..
Q. I often meet road accidents. How can reiki help me prevent these

accidents ?

A. Accidents are found to be result of guilt and unstable mind.Q. How can I heal cervical pain ?

A. Give reiki to throat, heart and mooladhara chakra.
Q. How to use reiki to heal graha dosha (planetary positions) ?

A. Corresponding to every planet their is a chakra. Give reiki to that chakra.Q. How to heal past life issues through reiki ?

A. Follow what is taught by your reiki teacher. First know where that past life karmic impression is embedded in your mind-body system and then send reiki to that place.

Q. I often encounter horrible dreams. Can reiki help me overcome these dreams ?

A. Heal manomaya kosha, aagya chakra and mooladhara chakra.
Q. Are there any rules and guidelines that where we should not use any

particular symbol ?


www.reikitirth.org 29


A. No, follow your intuition and gut feelings.
Q. I sometimes encounter weird experiences during reiki sessions. I am

scared. What to do ?

A. They are nothing; it is just that you are releasing garbage from your mind body system.

Q. Can 1st degree reiki practitioner use reiki symbols ?A. No,itisofnouseforyou.

Q. Does rate of healing is proportional to amount of energy or hours spent in reiki session ?

A. No, for beginner it may appear to be so but, it the heartfelt intention and focused mind which does the job in a couple of seconds.

Q. What is the best method of drawing reiki symbols ?
A. Use all five fingers simultaneously to draw symbol on patient. Never worry

about exact shape.

Q. Some people says that they saw weird dreams after becoming reiki channels. So is there something negative about reiki ?

A. No, there is nothing negative about reiki. It is just that they do not understand the mechanism of healing and manomaya kosha.

Q. I got reiki attunement last year but have not practiced since then. Do I need to have reiki attunement again ?

A. No, you do not have to attend the same reiki degree class again. Once you are attuned to reiki it will last forever.

Q. Does flow of reiki depends upon the state of mind of the therapist, or state of mind of the recipient ?

A. Yes, up to certain extent this affects. It is matter of practice.
Q. I find it difficult to charge for reiki treatment. What to do ?

A. Meditate deeply what is it that is stopping you from charging for your service. Be honest with your answer and then discuss it with your reiki teacher. There is no compulsion that we should always charge.

Q. Is reiki safe for animals (pet animals) ?A. Yes, it is absolutely safe for everybody.

Q. Is reiki a religion ?
A. No, reiki is all about spirituality and not religion. It does not ask you to convert

or change your faith.

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Q. Can a person make a living from reiki ?
A. Yes, if your reiki master permits, you heart tell you to devote your time

completely in the service of mankind, you can make a living from reiki.

Q. Is it possible to change or manipulate others through reiki ? I am wondering if my husband could be changed.

A. No, reiki is all about discovering yourself, harmony and balance. We can not assume that what we want for another person, no matter how well-intentioned, is what is truly right for them. We do not know what that person’s soul path is meant to be.